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    The Mel's hole

    Asti Ovest
    Asti Ovest

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    The Mel's hole Empty The Mel's hole

    Messaggio Da Asti Ovest Sab 13 Dic 2014 - 15:45

    The Mel's hole is a discussed legend near Ellensburg (Washington) that Mr. Mel Water told in 1997 to Art Bell's US broadcasting "Coast to Coast".
    This legend seems a S. King novel and nobody has unveiled the mystery of this paranormal area where a died dog is reborn after drop down in the pit and strange energy is around this pit.
    These are any reference about this story:

    I do not compete with the world. I compete with my ignorance.

    I do not compare myself with the world. I compare myself with my soul’s perfection.

    I do not co-operate with the world stupidity. I co-operate with my heart’s purest sincerity.

    -Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007)

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