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    Messaggio Da Asti Ovest il Sab Ott 24, 2015 11:26 am

    About weather reports on the an important italian weather website:

    Articolo del 24/10/2015 ore 0:05
    VIDEO METEO INVERNO 2015-2016: NEVE forte sulle Alpi, altrove Caldo anomalo, +4°C oltre media?
    Allarmante aggiornamento dell'autorevole modello inglese ECMWF
    Temperature sopra la norma per l'inverno 2015-2016
    E' giunto oggi l'atteso aggiornamento delle previsioni stagionali emesse dall'autorevole modello inglese ECMWF, con sede a Reading.
    Vediamo insieme la previsione per l'Italia per quanto riguarda le temperature e le precipitazioni per i due bimestri invernali ( Dicembre/Gennaio e Febbraio/Marzo ).
    Purtroppo il modello inglese, per quanto riguarda l'Italia,  e per i quattro mesi presi in considerazione, conferma l'anomalia termica positiva con temperature sopra la media di circa 1,5/2 gradi e quindi con pochi episodi nevosi a quote basse. 
    Colori tendenti al rosso indicano un'anomalia termica positiva, il bianco nella norma
    Si conferma l'anomalia termica positiva anche per Febbraio e Marzo
    Ancora una volta, le precipitazioni sull'Italia per i quattro mesi presi in considerazione, sono previste nella norma sulle regioni settentrionali, diffusamente sotto la media al Centro-Sud, con grave anomalia sulla Sicilia, dove si prevede una riduzione anche del 60/80%. 
    Colori tendenti al marrone, indicano piogge sotto la norma, Sicilia con periodo siccitoso
    Viene confermato il periodo siccitoso in Sicilia, con anomalia di pioggia fino al 70% in meno
    Ancora una volta il modello inglese rimane implacabile sulle previsioni per questo Inverno. L'Italia andrebbe incontro a temperature sopra la media di circa 1/2 gradi e a precipitazioni che al Centro-Sud risulterebbero inferiori alla norma, e con grave anomalia negativa in Sicilia. Per quanto riguarda la neve, avremo pochi episodi nevosi in Pianura Padana, mentre le Alpi dovrebbero fare il pieno sopra i 1000/1200 metri e probabilmente con un nuovo record.
    Il prossimo aggiornamento è previsto per venerdì 20 novembre. 

    (End of article.)

    In a short translation, the site claims that the Italy winter 2015/16 forecast are based about infallible weather report British model.
    Lots of snow on Alps, more 1.5-2 degrees above average on northern Italy and droughts on southern Italy (60-80% less rain); next report in November.

    In Italy this site is a very reliable but anyone of us can do the same  if we watch the chemtrails on our territory. Every time appear chemtrails on Alps, the weather changes on Italy.
    The classical sketch is a straight line with lines like radius similar the sun of RA  starting from a specific point. Then, not far, lines like a tris game.
    One or two day later, storms, water bombs, hailstorms hits with precision the territory second the local economically and political situation.
    Destroy coltures and territories is a perfect plan for tax robbery and slavery.
    The poison (barium, aluminium dust, nanotechnology, ect.), is a perfect addendum for eliminate people and realize the cabal plan.
    Some italian deputies and senators had questioning the government about chemtrails but the responses has been evasive like anywhere in the world.
    Of course, we pay taxes for politics, government, military against us.
    What a pity ... pay for our poisoning.
    What kind of glory is for a small elite of greedy, subservient to their overlords in a slavery world?
    The lords of world think that we are all stupid slaves, but will not thus forever.

    From many years we observed the chemtrails and related weather phenomena above our heads  around the world, but  we still are too much few and insignificant for fight the lies.
    However, the truth and the individual consciousness is growing.
    Is futile and fun verify the weather reports after the chemtrails draw the sky: storms or simple rain are inevitable if the chemtrails stopped the normal anticyclone and the natural flows of the air currents.

    For example, above Turin:

    From my personal files:
    above the Monferrato border (40 km east of Turin).

    And last but not least, the Zorro saber! The best chemtrail in the world!

    Absolutly real, the winds had forged what would seem a great masterpiece of acrobatic maneuver of pilots.

    and much more pictures in my files also with orbs in the wake ... (on my youtube channel).


    On US TV screens about chemtrails and poisons:

    The same substances in the rest of world.
    In Italy Dr. Giorgio Pattera (and others) has found the same substances. For example, the barium is a substance in paints, radicontrast for x-ray and others: this is a poison.

    A german engineer confesses:

    Over seven years ago German government admits participation in ChemTrail experiments:

    A former FBI chief Ted Gunderson:

    Doctors, scientist and pilots:

    Spray in action:

    Why journalists silent on certain issues?

    And why the politics deny? Same things in Italy.

    This are some evidences that world is totally slave of a overlords elite with criminal intents.

    The military is a force at the service of this elite and are paid with our taxes.
    The soldiers are also sons of civil, honest people and workers.
    These civilians, know and are proud of the work of their sons?
    The militaries are proud to go against their parents with this stuff?
    Are proud to live in a slavery world?
    Soldiers have civil family and children with a future.
    Are all mercenaries without consciousness?
    And what say about the commercial lines and its pilots with hidden additives in fuels?

    For me this is a big question, a big dilemma about a hope of justice.
    I hope that there is still something of good among them.

    I do not compete with the world. I compete with my ignorance.

    I do not compare myself with the world. I compare myself with my soul’s perfection.

    I do not co-operate with the world stupidity. I co-operate with my heart’s purest sincerity.

    -Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007)

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